PBLH Technical Assistance

PBLH International Consulting SPRL is a well-established worldwide provider of consulting and technical assistance services, working in partnership with public organizations and private companies, especially in African, Caribbean, Pacific  and Latin America countries. Its large network and permanent capacity to implement projects have placed PBLH among the best international development-consulting firms. Since its establishment in 2009, the company has developed a full set of references and partnerships, working with and for international organizations and private companies in and from Europe, ACP countries and Latin America. 

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Key Strengths


A database of international and regional experts with experience in international development projects, which allows synthesize bilateral experience for solving tasks in an effective manner.



Close relations with and strategic partners in various local, regional and international countries and organizations.


Operations located worldwide and the implementation of projects in various sectors of the development co-operation field. Constant follow up of the development process in each separate country, and the regions as a whole. The development of an individual evaluation approach to projects, whilst at the same time taking into consideration the overall economic trends and impact.


A high standard of quality and services are maintained, and experience and expertise assured in accordance with the requirements of the client.









Private sector support and development 

PBLH has a sound and specific experience in providing professional services, technical advice and training in private sector development. In particular, the company is being offering:

  • Private sector development and improvement of business climate
  • Competitiveness and SMEs
  • Capacity building
  • Business internationalization
  • E-business promotion

Agriculture and fisheries

PBLH has implemented, monitored and evaluated fisheries and agriculture projects, in particular in the Caribbean and Pacific regions and in Western Africa countries. Among others, PBLH has offered:

  • Strengthen the capacity of fisheries administration in fisheries information and knowledge sharing 
  • Collection, review and analysis of fisheries legislation and documentation
  • Building capacity in developing fisheries resources management plans
  • Workshop
  • Communication and media activities
  • Review, analysis and draft of aquaculture policy instruments
  • Market analysis 

Aid programming

PBLH has a worldwide experience in aid programming, providing long and short-term assistance to relevant institutions and intermediary organizations and support beneficiaries in exploiting funding opportunities. As examples:

  • Technical assistance on development policies
  • Project preparation, launching and implementation
  • Project partners and funds seeking
  • Capacity building on institutional strengthening
  • Sectorial studies
  • Financial and accounting management
  • Provision of training to intermediary organization



Information and communication

PBLH has carried on several projects involving knowledge sharing and transfers, ICT skills improving, conversions of projects results into editorial publications and public awareness campaigns.  In particular, in the information and communication field, PBLH has provided services such as:



PBLH is being providing trade-related consultancy services in trade and economic integration, in trade negotiation on mutual recognition agreement and on DDA (Doha Development Agenda) such as:

  • Competitiveness promotion
  • Regional integration
  • Trade policy analysis
  • Support and advice in identifying opportunities and in projects designing and implementation
  • Trade-related technical assistance
  • Trade agreement negotiations and NTBs
  • Capacity building (training, advice and coaching)
  • Trade institutions strengthening