PBLH Engineering

PBLH Engineering provides external engineering, process optimization and consulting services.

We offer a wide range of solutions to companies with a team of highly qualifies researchers and engineers that can access today’s most authoritative content and take advantage of intelligent tools and enhanced features to help make sense of what they find and how to apply it to their work.

Plit Project

The main objective of the project is the research and development of an advanced LRI technology applied in aeronautics for the cost-efficient and clean manufacture of large high quality stiffened wing panel composite structures.

Plit Project website

Nemesis Project

The key objective of the project is to gain a clear overview of the state of the art of the aircraft materials recycling technologies and the future expectatives, in order to set a decision tree about the most promising economic recycling processes.

Nemesis Project website

Remart Project

Analysis and validation of the main helicopter power transmissions recycling processes and the design of recycling protocols in order to make them efficient, profitable and environmentally sustainable.

Remart Project Website